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This program is designed to help you speed up the process to get you earning MASSIVE PROFITS faster. What I will teach you with this personal one on one training is what took me a few years to learn. 

Nothing like this was available for selling on Amazon when I first started in 2015. 

Once you sign up for the mentorship I will reach out to you personally and send you all the materials and we will get to work. 

No need to worry about if you have not signed up to sell on Amazon yet. I will help you with that and the 30 days will start once Amazon gives you the go ahead to sell on their platform. 

30 Day Mentorship Program

Please keep in mind that this is limited to a few people as my time is limited.


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Here is what you will get within the mentorship training
1. Full access to me via text, Facebook messenger, email and phone
2. Help with getting your account with Amazon set up to sell
3. 3 months of FREE membership to our Facebook group "OA Leads PLUS". This group is designed to give you the leads to profitable products that you can sell yourself. Click HERE for more info. (Value $30)
4. My ungating guide to get you approved to sell toys. Click HERE for more info. (Value $20)
5. My ungating guide to get you approved to sell grocery, topicals and over the  counter medication Click HERE for more info. (Value $20)
6. My ungating guide to get you approved to sell the BIG BRANDS like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Champion and many more high profitable brands. Click HERE for more info. (Value $49)
7. A hard copy of my latest published book on Amazon. 101 Wholesale Suppliers, liquidation Sources and Resources 2022-2023 Plus bonus content to help you create massive success as an online reseller. Click HERE for more info. (Value $17)
8. Help with making buying decisions.
9. Training on how to find products in the stores to sell on Amazon. This is called Retail Arbitrage.
10. Training on how to find products online to sell on Amazon. This is called Online Arbitrage.
11. Learn how to upload your own designs to Amazon to sell on apparel for massive profits.
12. Learn how to create your own books on Amazon to sell for even more profits.
13. How to use the "BSR" best sellers ranking guide to make the best buying decisions for quick profits.

In summary.... You will have full access to me for 30 days on a personal level. Is this worth $397 to you? If so, let's get you started today and start your journey to creating your Amazon business.

Above does not include you and I meeting in person if you are local to me. If you would like a more in depth personal training and you are local to me then we I can provide that for you. We will visit a few stores, scan items and I will help you analyze each item. I can also visit your home and help you through the listing and shipping process to get everything sent into Amazon. A $125 per hour cost will be applied.
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Within 24 hours of signing up for the 30 day mentorship I will be reaching out to you and sending you the Quick Start Guide. This will be your outline for the 30 days. 

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30 days (300 × 200 px).png
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What are you waiting for?
Your side hustle awaits.

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