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How I got Started as a re-seller

2012 I joined a network marking company. It was my first and only company that I got involved with. I just wanted to make $300 a month to pay my car payment. 

I started hanging out with very successful people. I started to learn about how they made their money and how I needed to get out of my comfort zone more to make the big bucks. 

Wow were they right. In 2014 is when I hit the top 3% of this company and in 2015 I went down to working part time in my families business.  I thought I was going to help run the place until my retirement at 65.

One day I was surfing Facebook and one of the company associates mentioned about selling on Amazon. I thought this is cool. So after about 3 months of watching YouTube videos regarding Amazon FBA I started taking the money I was making in network marketing and used some of it to buy inventory. 

I started in books because as a new seller books was the easiest to find and sell. My very first sale I lost $1.41. I did not realize how high the Amazon fees were. 

Fast forward to 2021 and now I have done over $10,000 in one month part time while still working part time in the family business AND still working my network marketing business. 


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