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Software I use daily

If you want to know how I keep track of everything AND what runs my Amazon business the sites below are what I use. 

If you are new to selling on Amazon and you have a tight budget then the most important from the list below is Keepa.  

My Go To Software

1. Inventory Lab
2. Bqool
3. Keepa
4. RevSeller

1. www.InventoryLab.com

I use IL to list my products on Amazon. It's amazing what IL does with tracking your data that you input with every listing you make. I also ues IL to figure out my profits and losses. I am able to print out mu P and L sheets to give them right to my accountant.

InventoryLab provides innovative and effective solutions. With Stratify you'll research products, list and manage your inventory, track your expenses, analyze your profitability and more. Our Scoutify app gives you a powerful advantage when sourcing profitable inventory for your business using your mobile device.

2. www.Bqool.com

I use Bqool to set my pricing for Amazon. Bqool is a "repricer" that will manage all of your Amazon inventory to help you get the most money and the most profit possible. 

Get a 30-day free trial instead of the usual 14 days.

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Limited Time Only

3. www.Keepa.com
I use Keepa to help my make buying decisions. No matter if I am doing OA or RA Keepa can tell me how the item is selling and provides all the info I need to make an informed decision regarding my inventory purchases. 
4. www.RevSeller.com
I use Revseller when I am doing OA. Revseller pops up on the Amazon listing and gives me even more data to help me make the best buying decision possible

Growing my Amazon Sales From 4 to 5 Figures/Month After Using BQool- Tom Young, 6-Figure Seller